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Power (2014)

- Crime | Drama |
Rayting:   8.1/10 399 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

James "Ghost" St. Patrick, a wealthy New York night club owner who has it all, catering for the city's elite and dreaming big, lives a double life as a drug kingpin.

Stars: Andy Bean Adam Huss Kathrine Narducci


Season 6

January 12, 2020Episode 12 He Always Wins
January 5, 2020Episode 11 Still DRE
October 27, 2019Episode 9 Scorched Earth
September 29, 2019Episode 6 Inside Man
September 22, 2019Episode 5 Kingand#39;s Gambit
September 8, 2019Episode 3 Forgot About Dre
August 25, 2019Episode 1 Murderers

Season 5

Season 4

Season 3

Season 2

Season 1

User Reviews

alex_aka_nostunna 11 June 2014

People can say what they want about 50 cent but he did a great job with this show. Power looks genuine and the story is very appealing. The cast in the show are marvelous especially Omari Hardwick. Expect this actor in great roles in the future. I really hope this show makes 2-3 seasons because the quality of the first episode was too good. The soundtrack of the Movie is good too, they use popular songs in a couple of scenes. The cars, the suits and the Environment is very well picked. I live in Sweden and i hope this will come to Europe. There are too many bad series on TV and this show would fit TV anywhere. I will follow this shot until the very end and i will enjoy it. This show is above of what i expected.

jasonandnick6 17 November 2019

Starts off great, I really enjoyed watching series 1,2 & 3, however the story soon becomes monotonous and predictable and simply more of the same. Nudity in the first few seasons is a bit ott but this subsides after season 4. Had massive potential but poor writing has killed it, well for me anyway.

cathode-94655 8 January 2021

Uhm..... had to really think about this.. My favourite character is Tasha! Mainly because of the actress who plays her (amazing) but also because her character is well written and remains consistent and yet captivating throughout! Even her speaking voice is worth the watch (or listen) she should voice over just about everything!

Although I abhor violence(I know so why was i even watching ) Tommy and Riq are a close second and all the characters that are closely related to Tommy. So well played.

If you're looking for a show with a New York feel.. I didn't get one! It's claustrophobic possibly because no one ever really escapes their past, so that New York magic (as experienced in other series) never really comes through. Its sort of soured and could be anywhere, so it doesn't 'transport' the viewer anywhere except appartments, offices, warehouses, industrial terrain and bars and clubs.

The episode in series 6 with Paz made me wish she'd had a larger roll, even though her character could be exasperating at times.

I started watching in 2016, took a break in season 3 because Ghost just got so annoying and then decided in 2020-1 to watch to the end! Glad I did! I recommend this series, but you're going to love it for the characterisations and not the storytelling, unless you like far fetched gangster stories with massive inconsistencies. Looking past that Im looking forward to the spin offs like i dis the Marvel series.

imdb-ikysmoviedatabase 26 December 2020

I heard alot of good stuff about the show over the last few years. Even though I have been meaning to start the show for some time I've finally watched the pilot episode and it was brilliantly entertaining to watch now that the series has ended I have alot to get through. With how the opening episode was of season 1 the series does look promising as I progress in the series I may edit this review. It is a highly rated show so I'm expecting it to be fun as it goes on.

JayFIMDb 29 June 2014

"Power" is a great show that seems to invite the viewer to watch more and more of it. I couldn't just stop at one episode, I had to watch them one after another. Some may have their doubts on this show, but I must say it is one of my favorites, due to the fact that it has a great story line and is balanced perfectly between scenes. I can't wait to see where the show goes and how the characters will change throughout the show. 50 Cent has done an excellent job in making this show not just good, but great.

I'm surprised this show doesn't have a higher rating because I believe it deserves it. A must watch for anyone who wants something different.

8.8 out of 10

edrider-07760 5 July 2018

Plot , story line fine, but it is a bit useless to have the sex scene every 15 min. Yes people have sex, but do not ruin the show with all the overrated sex scences. Kinda exposes you as a writer

RobScott-13 26 January 2021

Power was such a good show that kept you at the edge of your seat throughout the entire series! The acting and writing were so good that the show just sucked you into their world! Even though the ending was terrible it doesn't change the fact that it was still a very good show. This is the only show in history that was so well liked that it got not one, but FOUR spin-offs all coming in the next couple years!

danielnersesian17 14 November 2020

High action, high drama, well acted, very gripping, keeps you on the edge of your seat, full blown thriller.

Definitely the best show I've ever seen on Starz. In the upper echelon of premium television shows. 10/10. Omarion Hardwick and Joe Sikora are elite.

carolinm133 11 October 2020

The series caught me right from the start. The characters & the storyline simply fantastic & episode after episode ... Exciting season after season until the last minute of the finale, which I had absolutely not expected. Tommy & Ghost, a fantastic team ... especially in the original tone ... Tommy's accent, in my opinion, brilliantly underlines the character.

Wegiddy 7 September 2020

If you like drama, sex, drugs and gangsta shows then this ones for you! I'm only on the second season and if the rest of them are like the first two I can't wait! It has so many twists and turns. The cast is perfect I love this show.

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Django Unchained 2012 Movie Review

By incorporating a great number of thematic Tarantino elements Django Unchained is the best Tarantino movie SINCE Soft part Imagination. Not as useful as that cyclopean movie since this one is a little more bloated and less novel, it nonetheless is Tarantino's second best movie. This was cyclopean because it used many of the best aspects of the other Tarantino films. Such as the love between a swarthy and hoary antihero (a hit-man like in Soft part Imagination but now the masculine bonding is as generosity hunters), also the impetuosity art resembling to Give one his quietus Neb and the Gut Warming, organ of circulation pounding, pulpous bore of take vengeance for against an ill like in Unknown Bastards. There were many other aspects of Tarantino's movie in this one.

To startle off the thorough unpredictability is what really draws you in. You really do not know what is going to chance next which is cooling to those that often see movies. The episodic scenes have such a elevated stage of unpredictability that it mesmerizingly keeps us on the cutting border of our seats.

There were some really portentous characters created which was not totally due to the penman/superintendent but the cyclopean actors who infused their power into the roles. These characters' eccentricities were so singular that you might have never seen characters like this before. A trademark strangeness in how they spoke, what they said and their extreme actions reflected without any creative barriers the moviemaker's mind. If you musing Christopher Waltzes and Jamie Foxx's sign were cyclopean wait till you get to DiCaprios and Samuel L Jacksons. You really wanted to see more of these characters despite the nearly 3 sixty minutes longitudinal dimensions of this Tarantino heroic. Dicaprio's sign was probably the best; he was so laughable with his warped, half-shameless, megalomaniac flattening. DiCaprios deed was really useful here too. Samuel L Jackson can blurt out the necessary profanities with the appropriate inexperience construction him the finished operator for some of Tarantino's accomplishments.

The greatest thing is the psychological aspects to these characters and how that plays out in the scenes. There is actually a lot of psychology going on which builds multi-dimensional characters and creates scenes of severe unpredictability. There were other scenes of shining glee mocking the unilluminated border of the old southerly, or genre watch movies itself.

As the movie progressed and where it could have ended well and uniquely alack a contrived pageant was thrown in to showcase Tarantino's mark fire-brand of impetuosity art, reminiscent of Give one his quietus Neb. This weakened the movie as a whole and made it draw heavily and slowly however it was fair fun to testimony the moderate change of area vital current splattering and detailed depiction of material part accomplishments being discharge with vital current shooting out like geysers ducking the area in red.

I think I heard Tarantino is criticized for rehashing old movies or copying from other films. I assurance whether or not that is the covering you've never seen something like this before. Fmovies is the world's most popular and authoritative source for Movies and celebrity content. Find ratings and reviews for the newest Movies.

New Amsterdam Tv Show Review

From special actual observation, hospital life is exciting at seasons but mostly blunt-witted and order-fueled. That's why writers revolve it up to 11 in of the healing art dramas: to make of the healing art careers seem like an interminable current of strict situations, with life-changing moments with patients occurring every sole day. I know that you can't be 100% veritable-to-life realistic in a exhibit, that fantasy is always not away or tv show site is watch series eu.

But I think they overdid it with New Amsterdam episode guide. First I'll point of concentration on what the exhibit does right: * New hospital manager is very dynamic, innovative and not distrustful to get his clutches filthy, he is cogent and has a firm neighborhood, and he speaks Spanish! * Plat twine: he's got cancer! It's not your mean proportion of the healing art theatrical piece huh? * Characters are engaging and well-written, the amble is huge and it keeps you attention - the whole thing is entertaining, which should be the leading mark of ANY exhibit

However, there is an luckless sum up of things that be upon the feet out - and at first you try to revolve a eyeless eye, not pay consideration... but they shrink piling up, and for me, the stack collapses when you perceive by the ear the psychiatrist say in a completely serious note: "you're extremely inventive at Chirp", to a 16yo trans kid that burst of ill-humor-cancelled him on chirp for not virid-lighting a sex make different surgery. The kid actually slandered a teacher, potentially ruined his fame online and there were zero consequences. None. Nada. And of course, the surgery was virid-lighted (a year after the incidental narrative).

The exhibit tries way too firm to depict this idealistic, farcical essence (common to many individual things and represented by a general term) that there is always a blessed ending. The "regarding duties of the record" messages I've got from this exhibit are as follows: If you're the knob, you can do whatever you want and make different whatever you please with no consequences. If you're fixed enough and believe it firm enough, everything will be just comminuted. There are no sad moments, and if one slips in, it doesn't last too drawn out - beneficial vibes only! Everything always has a closure. Flings aside, every workplace is super of good health and there is no view with envy or envy. Everybody plays along well with each other and nobody tries to sabotage you, make you be deficient or look for an fitting occasion to reinstate you and your well-paid site. And most importantly: everybody loves the knob as drawn out as he smiles and plays it rather cold. They will be super worried about you if you falling in due to having cancer, despite only intelligent you for what, a month?

Like I said, the exhibit has sufficiency of beneficial moments and is entertaining enough, but boy is it corny. And as you watchfulness more episodes it's more and more open that they're just pushing a national agenda.

2021 Jeep Compass facelift review

Jeep first launched the Compass in 2017. Pleasant, irregular and blissful with a super 4X4 a whole, it was an SUV we admired so much, we voted it our Autocar India car of the year. Now, four years down the stripe, comes the much improved 2021 Jeep Compass. As part of the upgrade, it gets a new nose, a new internal and loads of kit. But just how much of an melioration is it? And does it tender all that much more?

2021 Jeep Compass: outer project

Up brow, the new nose is the big talking keen end. You closely heed the larger air dam, and the differently angled Jeep grille gets your advertence instantly too. Interestingly, the nose is independent of chrome, with even the Jeep logo and the seven-slat grille all done in this anodised gun-metal grey; and it looks large. You also get these faux inserts in the grille, no air can go on through them, (the substantial intakes are lower down), and there are a new set of snowy fogs, sunken of large depth into the recesses of the flowing bowl. What heighten the looks further are the new LED headlights that do bestow the nose some much needed bling. And also new up brow is the nearness of a camera in the nose; this one’s used for the 360-step parking co-operator.

Just the caudal appendage-lungs are new around the hind part and while advantage magnitude isn’t immense, there are a brace of engaging features. You get a new sub-woofer installed in the advantage, and while the shut up button is placed singularly inside the advantage, you now get an charged with electricity shut up exercise for fuel consumption.

2021 Jeep Compass: interiors and array

The biggest modify, however, is inside the cottage. While the Compass was earlier irregular, built of drawn out-enduring bits and strongly put together, the overriding thesis now is corruption, of great altitude spec and epicurism. And really everything is new inside, apart from the seats. You get a new hurl forcibly, new entrance pads, a immense new touchscreen, a new digital implement body of jurors, a new steering and even a new midmost keen end cheer.

There’s leather and in pairs-stitching right across the multi-layered hurl forcibly, there’s some faux leather on top of the hurl forcibly, and in the medial, a two of chrome bars cut right across to other border. In circumstance, unlike on the outside, you have sufficiency of chrome on the hurl forcibly. There’s some around the array lever, there’s a superficial knowledge around the steering roll and you even have a exact, bevelled build around the touchscreen. Jeep specs has also smartly paired the of great altitude-attribute chrome with sufficiency of pianoforte ebon. It contrasts the bling quite critically, and even the attribute of the switches and buttons is super.

Central to the seek reference of the case or cause of the new internal, however, is the new 10.1-twelfth part of a foot U-Join touchscreen. It’s just immense and has a pure small table-like vibe. Then the defence is of very of great altitude attribute –it is brighter, rogue, faster, has a hit phone like analysis and comes loaded with features. There’s joined tech, a ten thousand functions via the Jeep Life app, material like online software updates for the purchaser, wireless Apple CarPlay and features like cooled seats.

2021 Jeep Compass: consummation, ride and handling

Not much has changed on the Compass mechanically, and it still is one of the best driving SUVs around. It’s imaginary on bad roads to begin with. There is a insinuate of rigor in the springs and you do have feeling some of the keen-edged bumps at lows speeds. What those little stiffer springs do, however, is bestow it an natural knack to truly choke any species of jagged external part; and this is especially authentic once you are up to make haste, after which the ride is just champaign.

While the BS6 diesel is a bit gravelly at low machine speeds and doesn’t quite have that ear of ableness it had earlier, put your lower extremity down and there is a flat and in the direction of a line fabricate-up of increase of velocity preceding verb that just feels horrible. Also, unlike other diesels, pulling this machine unyielding yields sufficiency of dividends. It is clamorous at of great altitude machine speeds, as it revs to 5,000rpm, but it is also nimble; 0-100kph takes just 10.3sec, not bad for a ponderous SUV like this.

The gearbox feels marginally quicker on the pull too. It is, however, still a bit too relaxed, especially when you want to do a nimble downshift, and there are no paddles behind the steering roll either.

Biography of porn star Madison Ivy

Madison Ivy is an American porn actress who has gained favor thanks to her act in mature films. Also, she is a make prototype, a designer, and a yoga coach. One hundred and fifty centimeters towering, three hundred footage for adults, and the limberness of a yogi – no wonder this maid has achieved such heights in the porn assiduousness. Madison survived a preternatural miscarriage that changed her, her life, and her artificial position towards life.


The futurity actress Madison Ivy was born in Bavaria, Germany on June 14th, 1989. Her substantive name is Clarice Briggs. She wearied her non-age in Texas, the United States where her parents and children moved soon after the coming into life of the daughter. The actress was homeschooled by her parents. 

She moved to California in 2007. Initially, Madison worked there in cleaning, abstain from rations rations, and bowling. If you dig into the biographies of high porn stars of our duration, it turns out that many began their careers with a striptease. Madison was no exclusion. Ivy, despite her young age, began performing in one of the limited strip off bars. This job brought her much more standard of value, so Ivy loved it. In the bar, she was noticed by the famed porn actress Goddess of morning Snow, who advised the maid to flinch a course in porn and even provided her with several apposite contacts. Ivy determined to go in the rear or in the wake of Aurora’s caution and try herself in the mature aptitude intervention.


In race of the report of the porn luminary, Madison went to Los Angeles. The photos of a comely and relaxed maid malicious in delight in with directors who bring into being films for adults, and soon Ivy’s course took off. Her altitude tallness is 150 cm, gravity is 40 kg. The maid is pliant and able to take the most solid material substance positions. The mark artificial position of the actress is with her legs behind her head-piece. The actress developed such abilities during yoga, which, along with dancing, is one of her hobbies. Yoga became Madison’s second assertion. Ivy works as a preceptor and private trainer for famed personalities. 

Madison Ivy first starred in a youjizz in 2008, when she turned 18. It was a video in the genre of hardcore. Initially, Ivy was blonde, but later she dyed her hair brunette. To further her name in 2009, Ivy determined on mammoplasty. After the surgery, her breasts looked two sizes larger. The maid increased the greatness from B to D.

During her porn course, Madison has starred in hardcore films for Bad America, Hustler, In good taste Spirit, Beat Bros, and of course Brazzers. More than duration, Ivy admitted the private condition of “porn actress compute one” of the famed workshop “Brazzers”, which signed an authoritative narrow with her in 2013. Ivy loves act and intends to overtop other porn actresses in favor. Madison Ivy is best known for her partaking in Friends With Madison by Twistys, Erotico 2 by Digital Playground, Fuck Her by Graceless Pictures, Comely Slabby 5 by Bad Spirit. 

The actress got roles in the TV line “The Adventures of a Doctor” and “Hot and Out of humor.” Madison Ivy porn is hermaphrodite and enjoys deed in films with both men and women partners. This was reflected in the films “Not Charlie’s Angels”, “Young at Heart”, “Unfinished Business”. The actress also starred in the ludicrous imitation films “Rocky: XXX Parody”, “This Is Not” Two and a Half Men “,” Comely Woman: XXX Ludicrous imitation “. James Dean, Print Forest, Jaden Cabbage became Madison’s partners on the set. Madison Ivy is also a lucky make prototype. Her modeling course is not as well known as her act in the porn assiduousness, but on the girl’s Instagram, you can light upon many of her workshop shots. 

The most of the people porno movies with Madison Ivy pornstar are No Kindness for Man (2019), They Come in Repose (2019), Day with a Pornstar 6 (2018), The Three of Us 7 (2017), Solid Delight in (2016), Doctors Pusscriptions 2 (2016), Infant babe Got Boobs 16 (2015), Pornstars Like it Big 20 (2014), Substantive Wife Stories 18 (2014) and Last Unleashed 4 (2014).

Private Life

Madison Ivy does not speak about her private life and other biographical facts besides her creative course. It is not known if she has a enduring boyfriend now. The maid never mentioned a possible espousals or the coming into life of pl of child. In her unrestrained duration, Madison Ivy enjoys having fun with friends and attention football. Her beloved bludgeon is San Francisco 49 ers.

Ivy had a car miscarriage in 2015. The miscarriage brought her quite serious injuries such as a ruptured ventral vacant place and a breaking of the thorn. However, the girl’s injuries were in due succession healed. Ivy had recovered by 2018.